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How to Read and Interpret the Gospels

One of the most helpful tools I can think to give to you is helping you understand how to more faithful interpret scriptures. This is a summary of what I have learned from Seminary to help towards faithful gospel interpretation. ...

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A Calvinist Designed the Wordless Book

Charles Spurgeon, the Calvinist Evangelistic, designed AWANA's favorite evangelistic tool....

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Do You Believe in Magic?

Hey Kids! Magic has captivated minds throughout history. Our favorite fictional characters live in worlds of magic. Magic promises to rescue us from boredom. Magic tugs at the curtain behind the stage of this life, and suggests something more behind the scenes. Could it be that the idea of magic came from God? Gandalf raises his wand-staff before jolting it into the gr...

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Authorship of Psalm 119

An argument for Daniel as the author of Psalm 119...

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The End of Mark's Gospel

An Explanation of Why Mark's Gospel Ended the Way it Did...

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