The Binder Family (Philippines)


The Binder Family

Born in Romania, Konrad grew up under a communistic regime. He understood and believed, very early in his life, that Jesus Christ died for his sins. When he was about 19 years, he immigrated back to Germany.


After working for 5 years as a graphic artist, and after several trips to both India and Nepal, his eyes were opened to tribal groups around the world who need to hear the Gospel. Having joined New Tribes Mission, he completed his training in 2003. It was during this time that he got to know Betty.


Betty grew up in Hannover-Germany and received the Lord Jesus Christ when she was about 11 years old. Since she was a child she wanted to become a missionary. After finishing her nursing degree, she got married to Konrad and completed her training with New Tribes Mission. They have now served in the Philippines since 2004, with their two very precious daughters, Noa and Nuriel.


Important Binder Dates:

Anniversary: 4/28/01

Birthdays: Konrad: 3/9 and Betty: 1/11

Children: Noa Sophie: 3/16/02 and Nuriel Lillien Marie: 9/9/04

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Sovereign Hope Church and the Binder Family:

In the Summer of 2008, pastors Craig Shapazian and Sam Musgrave traveled to the Philippines, where they helped build the Binder's home and establish their family as the first missionaries to a specific small island off the coast of Palawan. Konrad's desire to spread a passion for God in Christ for the joy of all peoples was made evident in a most contageous way. Our local church is committed to supporting the Binder family on a monthly basis. We are more than excited to receive reports on the advance of the Gospel among the Filippino people. The prayer of our heart is that many will be brought into the kingdom through the faithful ministry of Konrad, Betty, Noa and Nuriel.




Contact and Encourage the Binders

Germany Address:
Teckstr. 33
72664 Kohlberg

Philippines Address:

777 Jacana Road
Puerto Princesa Palawan 5300

New Tribes Mission Address:
New Tribes Mission
1000 E.1st.St. Sanford,
FL 32771
United States of America